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Sneak peek into S/4HANA 1909 Finance Innovations

by Ugur Hasdemir

SAP has yet to release S/4HANA 1909, but I have some interesting sneak previews on what you can expect in the area of Finance. Of course, this would not cover everything, but I will focus mainly on the Finance capabilities in the S/4HANA Core. Interesting things are happening in the area of Profitability Analysis for example. Is COPA going to be replaced? Or is SAP just changing product names. Read more to learn.

The latest release of S/4HANA ads a variety of innovations to further extend the digital core and improves connectivity to other best of breed (cloud) applications.

I have categorized the topics in two areas and I will publish the post in 2 parts.


Management Accounting

  • Universal Allocations
  • Where used list
  • Margin Analysis (COPA)


Financial Accounting

  • Accruals Management: ML-Service
  • Goods and Invoice Receipt Reconciliation: ML-Service + Enhancements
  • T-Account Display
  • Group Reporting: Advanced Intercompany Reconciliation

Part 1 – Management Accounting

Universal Allocations

Everyone who has worked with allocation or distribution cycles in SAP knows that it is a tidy job to define, customize, change, simulate and analyse all the cycles and segments. SAP realize this, and is going to improve in this area with “Universal Allocations”. It was already announced with the release of version 1809, but this functionality was not included yet. When we look at the roadmap, we can expect some functional scope to be included in release 1909.

In my previous blogpost about version 1809 you can read more about the motivation for Universal Allocation. As you can see, in the target SAP wants to move to only 3 applications to manage, run and analyse allocation cycles:

you might be interested in my new blog about the limitations of the universal allocations app in S/4HANA 1909. You can read it here.

Some more details about managing and running cycles in the Universal Allocation application:

Manage Allocations:

  • Single point for creation & maintaining allocation cycles and segments
  • Currently  contexts of cost centre & profit centre allocations
  • Manages actual and plan allocations  / distribution & overhead allocation (assessment)
  • Application consist of List report of cycles and object page of cycle & segment details

Run Allocations:

  • Single point for allocation run execute and analysis
  • Contexts of cost centre & profit centre allocations
  • Executes both actuals and plan allocations cycles
  • Application consist of List report of completed runs and object page for run worklist def&exec
  • Run report in new Fiori design including new innovative features

Innovative Aspects:

  • Import of sender/receiver values via .csv file or manual entry
  • Global accounting hierarchy groups integrated
  • Allocation cycle groups enabled 
  • New improved allocation run persistency layer
  • Network graph for visualisaiton of allocation run result
  • Situation Framework for fast notification (errors/warning runs)
  • Integration with Where-used list

Conceptual details:

  • Cycles are defined with respect to a ledger and a single company code
  • Universal Allocation posts with more detailed business transaction types (BTTYPE) –
    per context, actual/plan, and allocation type.
  • Custom fields are not yet fully supported (only inherited from sender to receiver).

Where used list

To easily show dependencies between master data and to support impact analysis for organizational change, SAP has created a new where used list functionality. This functionality is not intended to show transactional figures or to replace reporting.

Currently it is released for the following objects:

  • Cost center
  • Statistical key figures
  • Activity types
  • Profit centers

Key capabilities:

  • Standalone Fiori app for each object
  • Can be launched from “Manage” App for each object, selection is transferred
  • Search for multiple objects
  • Configurable lists with results
  • Navigation to object details via smartlinks
  • Export to spreadsheet

Example for Cost Centers:

Margin Analysis (COPA)

Interesting things are happening in the area of profitability analysis. Is COPA going to be replaced? According to the statement of direction provided by SAP, it is.

Or is it just a name change and basically providing the same features of Account Based COPA?

To my understanding it is the continuation of Account Based COPA. SAP is just rebranding it. In all documentation you will see that Margin Analysis is compared against Costing Based COPA. This was already the case with Account Based COPA in S/4HANA. Everything what is mentioned as benefit of Margin Analysis

As part of this comparison you can see the details in the diagram below. The 3 highlighted capabilities were already added in version 1809 and I have written separate blogs about these in detail. You can find these blogposts here:

These where the highlights of management accounting in the S/4HANA Core in 1909. There are more innovations in connected (cloud) application outside the core. I will explain more about these in separate blogposts.

Stay tuned for part 2 of this blog series where you will find out the Financial Accounting capabilities in the S/4HANA core 1909.

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Marivic Fetalvero October 19, 2019 - 14:33

very nice and helpful documentation.

srinivas November 5, 2019 - 13:51

thank you

Laura H November 14, 2019 - 17:49

Thanks for this – I am looking for where part-2 is, as I am looking for updated information on the intelligent accruals management.
Many thanks

Ryan M. December 30, 2019 - 17:23

Hi very helpful documentation. However may I ask if you have any idea what 120 transactions (GL,CCA,PCA,JVA & COPA) were combined by the universal allocation for 1909?

Jyothi Pammina January 8, 2020 - 09:30

Thanks for sharing well articulated one!

Rekha March 5, 2020 - 14:15

Thank you for sharing such great information.

Pedro Morais April 15, 2020 - 10:23


Can this app manage CO-PA allocations? I am doing a S/4 HANA 1909 implementation and I find only overhead cost center allocations to cost centers and not to prof segments in this app. The app cannot find the cost element category 66 for co-pa allocations.


Ugur Hasdemir April 15, 2020 - 10:42

Hi Pedro,
No unfortunately this is not supported yet. Currently the functional coverage is very limited.
Ugur Hasdemir


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