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Embracing the Past, Envisioning the Future: SAP GUI is still here in Fiori 3.0

by Ugur Hasdemir
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Six year ago my blogpost about the introduction of the GUI menu in Fiori went viral. You can read the blog here: The SAP GUI menu is back in Fiori 2.0 – S/4HANA Blog (s4hanablog.com)

Reflecting on the year 2017, it’s clear that the introduction of Fiori 2.0 represented a breakthrough in the SAP user experience. The harmonization of the user experience across various application components and the integration of classical SAP GUI transactions into the Fiori Launchpad were key advancements. However, six years later, we are now dealing with an even more advanced version of the platform – Fiori 3.0, coupled with the recently released S/4HANA 2022.

A Continual Evolution: Fiori 3.0 and S/4HANA 2022

Fiori 3.0 builds upon its predecessor’s advances, further enhancing the user experience across the SAP landscape and promoting Fiori as a consistent, central entry point for all SAP applications. This commitment to a unified user experience remains central to SAP’s design philosophy.

One of the key improvements in Fiori 3.0 is its streamlined, intuitive interface. The platform’s central entry point, the Launchpad, has been further refined to provide an even more cohesive and user-friendly experience, regardless of whether the end user’s business process involves a native Fiori app or a traditional SAP GUI transaction. Next to the new themes it’s also easier to arrange the home screen, show tiles as small links or flat tiles and add sections.

Home with links and flat tiles

Change tile appearance:

Tiles organized in Pages:

GUI Transactions Still Going Strong – Integrating the Old and the New

Not every business process has a Fiori app, and sometimes, the GUI transaction may be the most efficient or convenient method for a user. In these cases, Fiori continues to support GUI transactions, ensuring no disruption and compatibility issues.

The continuous support for the integration of GUI transactions into the Fiori Launchpad represents SAP’s understanding that user efficiency and convenience should not be compromised for the sake of a homogenous user interface. Even with Fiori’s rich array of applications, it respects and upholds the advantages offered by classic GUI transactions.

How to enable GUI transactions in Fiori?

For those interested in integrating GUI transactions into the Fiori environment, there is a wealth of resources available to guide the process. The first and most important one is this wiki:

How to Enable SAP Easy Access Menu for Fiori Launchpad Step-by-Step – SAP Mobility – Support Wiki

And these are also worth reading:

Integrating Applications from SAP Easy Access Menu | SAP Help Portal

Role-Free Enablement of SAP Easy Access Menu for App Finder | SAP Help Portal

These resources will offer step-by-step guides to integrating the GUI menu into Fiori.


SAP Fiori 3.0 and S/4HANA 2022 together represent a substantial leap forward for SAP’s UX, offering a modern, responsive, and consistent user experience across the entire SAP landscape. With the thoughtful integration of GUI transactions, the commitment to a harmonized and homogeneous UX is evident, marking another milestone in SAP’s evolution. The result is an intuitive, streamlined interface that enhances efficiency and user satisfaction, ensuring Fiori’s place as the single entry point for all SAP applications.

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