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Statistical sales condition in Account Based COPA

by Ugur Hasdemir
Statistical Sales Conditions in accounting

As mentioned in my previous post about Finance in S/4HANA 1809 I mentioned the release of statistical sales conditions in Account Based COPA. As many of you probably know, reporting on statistical conditions was one of the final gaps between costing based and account based COPA. With release 1809 this functionality is included, making account based COPA even better.

Configuration Steps

First of all, the extension ledger and the ledger group to post the statistical values should be configured first.

Activating processing of statistical conditions:

Activate Processing for statistical sales conditions

Configure statistical sales condition in the pricing procedure. Make sure to check the statistical and relevant for accounting indicators:

Assign an account key and configure the account determination in VKOA:

Now you should be ready to work with statistical sales conditions in accounting. Keep in mind that the posting is done only during invoicing.

Creating and invoicing Sales Order with statistical condition

Posting during Goods Issue. Nothing unusual.

Posting during Invoicing. You notice a second accounting document posted on Extension Ledger 0C.

This is the provision posting for warranty costs coming from the statistical sales condition.

Usual revenue posting on the leading ledger:

Overview of the accounting entries:

Key takeaways

  • Statistical condition values are posted during invoicing. If you also have accounting entries for incoming sales order active (read here in my previous blog), you wont see the statistical condition values until you post the invoice.
  • Entries are statistical, they will only show up in reports and apps if you select the appendix ledger.
  • The provision side of the posting (balance sheet) will carry the material as dimension but not the sales order (see printscreen of Sales Order – Actuals App)

I think the addition of this functionality to account based profitability analysis is a reveal for customers who cannot switch completely to account based profitability analysis, because they are working with statistical conditions in sales and report on those in COPA reports.

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Srini December 11, 2020 - 05:30

Hi, Thanks for the detailed explanation. I have one follow up question on the extension ledger postings for statistical conditions. There is an accounting document in ext.ledger with P&L and Balance Sheet impact. My question is what will happen during balance balance carried forward to next financial year? Whether the Extension Ledger posting will be adjusted in the Retained Earnings and only the net amount c/f to next year. Please clarify.

Holger April 13, 2022 - 09:02

Any answer from SAP why the sales order and item are not updated in the extension ledge? Bceause technically this should not be so hard!


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